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Computer Aided Translation - CAT

CAT stands for Computer Aided Translation. A CAT Tool is a computer program that assists a translator to work more efficiently. A CAT tool divides the text to be translated into segments (sentences) and presents the segments to the translator in a convenient way, to make translating easier, faster, and cheaper.

Main advantages of CAT tools

1. Cost advantage:

Translations are kept in a database called translation memory. If the text to be translated includes repeated sentences (100% repetition or repetition with slight variations), the CAT program recognizes the repetitions and offers the translator the previous version translated. This makes the translation process faster and cheaper. A significantly lower price is charged for the repeated sentences.

2. Consistency advantage:

Since the translations are kept in a translation memory, translators use the same translation for repetitions and similar structures in the new text to be translated. Also, Cat Tools have terminology management modules that operate in harmony with the translation memory and provide terminological consistency, principally for large-scale or long-term projects, even if a number of translators are working on the project.

3. Integrated operations advantage:

Cat Tools can recognize almost every file format from XML and SGML documents to files from DTP software such as Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXpress, QuickSilver, etc.). Thus, the cost of DTP is also reduced and also the process is made smoother.

We have various CAT Tools and employ the ones relevant as required. We work with nearly every CAT Tool such as SDL Trados, Star Transit, RC Wintrans, Metatexis, Microsoft Helium, Microsoft Localization Studio, etc. As a company closely following the latest technology, we adapt using CAT Tools as a principle in all our suitable projects. We can create exclusive databases only for your translation projects. If you have not worked with CAT Tools before, you do not have to worry; we can create new translation memories from your previously translated documents.

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